Vox-L Release 0.12

We’ve particularly made some mods that can be playable in your browser utilizing the Vox-L sport engine! However, in fact, these mods ought to work in Minecraft too. LearnToMod modders can discover and remix this code to create their very own mini-games:

Take a look at the brand new Vox-L Mod

Seize your sword and defend and prepare to combat off a wave of zombies within the battle to finish all battles!

The Vox-L Hallway of Doom — Battle to your life on this wave-based survival mod!

Wish to make your individual Vox-L mod? Carlos, one in all our LearnToMod devs, has launched a quick-and-easy tutorial on the Boards.

We’re excited concerning the new 0.12 launch of our Vox-L sport engine! There are some fixes and new options that LearnToMod customers might be psyched about:

Bug fixes

* Music quantity is now set to Zero by default.  It may be elevated through music artifact.

* All belongings, together with lightsabers, ought to now show accurately within the character’s hand when considered within the character window.

* When gadgets are obtained, they’ll accurately “stack” in your stock.

UI Modifications

* When gadgets are obtained, they now not are added to your scorching bar.  They are often dragged there from the principle stock window, although.

* A 3×Three crafting window now pops up once you press ‘e’.  You may drag gadgets to and from it.


* The “block drops” artifact now causes blocks to be faraway from the stock once you place them — extra according to Minecraft survival mode.

* New – Fundamental recipes artifact.  Provides Minecraft-style recipes for swords and axes.

* New – Give all gadgets artifact.  It offers you all gadgets and blocks when Voxl masses.  Waits for 30 seconds earlier than doing this, in order that it may embrace gadgets and blocks outlined by different artifacts.

Javascript API

* Recipes can now be outlined through javascript.  See new recipe artifact supply code for instance.

* “Loot window” can now be populated and popped up through javascript.  Instance: me.setLootWindowItems([“Diamond”, “Cactus”]).  Gadgets could be dragged between the loot window and the participant’s stock window.

Source: https://www.learntomod.com/weblog/development-updates/vox-l-release-0-12-and-new-curated-mods/