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(Seriously, there are no copyrighted logos, this is just basically an off-brand card game. All designs are even original, nothing is reused or copied from the base game besides rules)

Quarantine got you down because you can’t hang out with friends? Are you tired of just playing survival Minecraft with them over and over again and all you just want to relax and play some cards? Well, this addon adds the well-known card game UNO into Minecraft!!!

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How does it work?

You have 2 entities and 54 new custom items. This includes all of the classic game cards like wilds, draw fours, skips, reverse cards, and draw twos, as well as red/yellow/blue/green 0-9 cards.

Drawing Decks

uno card game addon (plus bonus map!)

Drawing decks allow players to draw cards by right-clicking or by holding or pressing “Draw Card?” on mobile. This gives you a random chance of drawing any of the 54 available cards to use in your game.

Starting Cards:

uno card game addon (plus bonus map!)

(Sorry about the awkward offset, it isn’t like this actually)

If you place a starting card down you will simply start the game. After you draw from the drawing decks just right-click (Or hold or tap the “Play Card?” button on mobile) to play your car, doing this will cause the card to change to what you just placed.

Removing Cards:

uno card game addon (plus bonus map!)

To remove cards or decks when playing right-click or press “Remove Card?” to light it on fire and remove it. 🙂


uno card game addon (plus bonus map!)

I’ve included a map just for fun as a preset place to play, of course, you can make your own personal map for your friends. This world can be found in the templates tab at the bottom.

Addon Installation Details

Please do not hit allow notifications or any pop-ups that may say “Your PC/phone is infected with a virus” or any inappropriate ads! These are not true! They WILL put a virus if you click them, so don’t! After hitting “skip ad” wait about 20 seconds and you will be directed to Mediafire! NEVER HIT ALLOW NOTIFICATIONS OR POP-UPS. I CAN NOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH!

Terms of use:

  • You agree to not reupload this addon to any other sites without my permission
  • You agree to not reupload this to your own Mediafire or adfly
  • Please credit me



Supported Minecraft versions


Source https://mcpedl.com/uno-card-game-addon/