Twilight Forest Mod In-depth Review – LearnToMod

Twilight Forest is a pretty unique Minecraft mod that adds a whole new realm to the game to go along with the Nether and the End.

What to Expect

Jumping right in, the new realm, called Twilight Forest, adds a ton of new features to revitalize the game. The first thing you’ll notice upon entering the new realm is the humongous abandoned castles spread across the land, along with natural growing glowstone along the ground.

The mod adds 15 new biomes as well, including different types of forests, a glacier biome, and a fire swamp biome. These features of the mod add a significant amount of exploration to be done in the game and makes it an essential for those Minecraft players seeking for adventure.

twilight forest mod image 1

The aforementioned abandoned castles are the realm’s dungeons, complete with a different final boss at the top level of each castle. They are also incredibly difficult, and most likely impossible to defeat unless you have created one of the armor sets added by the mod (Fiery, Ironwood, Naga scale and Knightly armors) and one of the weapons from the same set.

The realm is a lot more in-depth than the base game’s Nether and End. Once you enter the Twilight Forest, it is almost like you are starting an entirely new game. Your full set of diamond armor will barely protect you against the constant onslaught of the new mobs, and you will need to create a shelter and get mining as soon as possible to upgrade.

This feature is probably one of the best in the mod, as it adds almost a whole new game’s worth of content after you “beat” vanilla Minecraft when killing the Wither in the End and conquering the ocean monument.

How Do I Get Started?

Getting started and entering the Twilight Forest for the first time is relatively easy for someone who has already reached end-game Minecraft, which is another great plus. All that’s needed for the portal is a 2x2x1 hole filled with water surrounded by flowers and one diamond. After throwing the diamond into the hole of water, the portal will activate, and now all you have to do is jump in to enter the Twilight Forest.

twilight forest water

Twilight Forest is one of those mods that will add at least 20 more hours to your world’s playtime, if not more. The new biomes and the tons of dungeons add an incredible amount of adventure and exploration, while the new mobs and creatures keep the challenge ever-present.