Top Minecraft Mods from January – LearnToMod

storage drawers
Storage Drawers is a mod for Minecraft that adds a new storage option to the game in the form of drawers, as the name might suggest. For those of you who are organization freaks like me, this mod will be the solution to all of your organizational problems in the games’ stock chests.

The drawers store one item at a time but can store many stacks of the same item, which makes them great to hold all the extra cobblestone you have or other building materials you might need in a pinch. They also come in various sizes, the smallest of which is a half-sized (like a wood slab) 2×2, which stores four stacks of the item and the largest is a Full-size 1×1 block, storing 32 stacks of the item.

Perhaps the best thing about the drawers is that not only do they display the icon of the item they’re holding on the front, which allows for quick and easy retrieval, through a craftable item called an “indicator upgrade” they can also display a progress bar which tells you how full the drawer is. These drawers are guaranteed to cut down immensely on the time you spend sorting through the chests in your room for that last diamond to complete your new pickaxe, which is what makes this mod one of the most useful of the month.

extra utilities mod

Extra Utilities is a mod that adds tons of features to the game that all try to increase Minecraft’s practicality by giving you new blocks and items that eliminate the need of massive Redstone contraptions or giant construction pillars to achieve what you wish to accomplish in the game.

For example, my favorite addition is that of the blackout curtains. They’re a placeable block that blocks out light from entering the room behind them, while also allowing you to pass through them. This is incredibly handy for those wishing to make a mushroom farm from the accessibility of their home.

There’s also the Block Update Detector, which will detect when an adjacent block is updated (I.E. When a plant grows, or when a Redstone ore block glows). Once a block change is detected, it’ll send out one tick Redstone pulse. This can be used as a sort of notification system for when your farm is ready to harvest, or maybe even help in creating an automatic farm system. These blocks and so much more make Extra Utilities a must-have mod for Minecraft veterans everywhere.

extra utilitiesSimply put, HarvestCraft is a Minecraft farmer’s heaven. The mod adds over 275 new recipes and foods to the game, along with replantable, harvestable crops, crops that automatically regrow after you pick them and fruits that grow on trees.

The mod’s main block is called the Garden block, which as you can imagine is the main way to grow and collect crops for farming. The blocks spread over time a little like mushrooms in vanilla Minecraft.

The mod also adds some pretty cool cooking tools to aid you in the production of the many foods added. Speaking of food, Pina Coladas, Smoothies, Juice, Olive trees, Broccoli, Raisins, and Donuts are one of the many food products you can pick or eat in the mod. This incredible variety of foods is going to revitalize your Minecraft experience!