Music Player UI for Minecraft PE

Are you bored with popping out of Minecraft simply to play your favorite music from one other app? We’ll have a Minecraft PE Music player for you!

Trigger this UI and you can play your own music in-game without leaving it! Super cool huh?

How hard is it to install the music player?

It’s simple-ish really

This UI replaces the chat settings display screen(Which is within the chat display screen) with the music player

You can see it running in-game below.

music player in game
The music player in-game

How to install

How one can setup this to play customized music

  • Download the UI and it ought to title Music Participant UI.mcpack
  • Change the .mcpack to .zip
  • Open the zip file and go to sounds/telephone/music
  • Now you must see music_1-10
  • Substitute these together with your customized music
  • Now you need to go to the texts folder
  • Open the .json file and substitute all of the textual content there to call your music(Eg. is the primary title line and is one other line and is one other customized music)
  • Now that your end change Music Participant to Music Participant UI.mcpack
  • Now import this in your recreation and you must now have the useful resource pack in international useful resource pack settings
  • Make sure the pack is utilized to the highest of this in order that the pack can work


Supported Minecraft variations