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Getting Started

Coding is not the easiest thing to learn; it may sometimes be tedious and frustrating, especially for younger kids. However, LearnToMod is an amazing way to turn a difficult task into a more engaging and interesting challenge for students.

By using Minecraft, an interactive game, LearnToMod teaches students computer science while having fun. An excellent way to get started is by earning badges, which is one of the features on the website. You can start this by going to the “Learn” tab and clicking on “Do Badges.”

learntomod home page

Under this tab, there are a variety of different badges that you can earn, including Pokemon and Star Wars badges. These themes are extremely useful in keeping the younger generation engaged and motivated to continue the learning experience.

To start out, it is best to practice with the Skills and Drills. These are crucial for practicing the basic skills in coding and are good to reference when you are exploring other badges and run into a problem. There are two different options: Getting Started and Learning to Program.

The Getting Started tab will walk you through the more basic coding skills while Learning to Program has over 200 different badges that are fun to experiment and practice with. Because there are so many badges, students are encouraged to keep going and earn as many as possible.

learntomod badge menu

Learning With Your First Badge

  • One example that we can take a look at is the first badge to earn under Getting Started, which is Write Your First Mod.
  • On the left side, you will find various coding blocks under which there are different functions and methods that you can use to write your mod. Just click on whatever function you want to use and drag it to the center, where you can run your mod and test it using Vox-L.
  • On the right side, you can scroll through the instructions and watch videos that will help you understand how to write specific mods.
  • On the bottom right of the Vox-L preview, there is a “Hint?” button you can click if you are having trouble. The part that is incorrect will start flashing to show you which part needs improvement. As you are making progress, a green circle will appear around the “Hint?” button to show how much you have completed.
  • There is a row of buttons you can also use on the bottom left. Crucial to testing the mods, the purple button in the center is the play button, which you click along with the “M” key to run your code when you are ready.

in badge screen

  • When you have completed all of the instructions for the first one, you will see a confirmation of the unlocked badge. Use the sideways arrow keys to either go to the previous or next badge and upward arrow to check all of the badges that you have collected so far.

With each badge that is unlocked, the student can earn diamonds and experience points. The diamonds can be used to buy artifacts in the shop, and the experience points allow players to level up and unlock new challenges. This encourages the students to keep going so that they can earn more badges and advance in the game, while also pushing them to continue learning to code.
badge unlock screen

One Step Closer to Modding Minecraft!

Once you feel comfortable with the basics, you can start doing other more challenging and fun badges. All the badges use Blockly, but when you feel ready, you can go ahead and try out the Javascript Mini-Game to transition from block-based to javascript-based coding.

If you are ever having trouble with the badges, make sure to click on the question mark in the top right corner and either post in the public forum or send an email to

The “Do Badges” feature of LearnToMod is an excellent way to keep students engaged and focused on an incredible educational opportunity. Not only do the diamonds and experience points motivate students to keep going, but the numerous different themes and badges that are available also help keep the students entertained. Learning has never been so easy!

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