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Text-based vs Visual-based Coding

Coding is often thought to be extremely complicated and too intricate for younger children to learn. However, LearnToMod helps to simplify these concepts so that students of any age can more easily and quickly pick up the ideas. There are two different types of programming: text-based and visual-based. The prior is the one that many associates the word “coding” with. It’s hard not to imagine the many lines of complicated text that fill up computer screens when hearing this word.

These codes typically use either Javascript or Python and are used in more advanced and professional programming settings. Visual-based makes coding a little bit simpler and easier to approach for those who may be intimidated by these initial ideas, which is exactly what LearnToMod’s goal.

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Coding in Blockly in LearnToMod

Learning to use either Javascript or Python may be difficult at first because there are many things to pick up to successfully write a working code. Students need to learn the logic of writing programs, memorize the different ways to call various functions and perfect the syntax of the written code. Blockly eliminates the tedious challenges of the latter two and focuses on teaching students the main logic behind programming. This is the most important part of learning the process of coding and students are often distracted by the other factors since they are all learned at once.

What is Blockly?

Blockly uses a drag and drop method to help students visualize and understand the relationships of coding functions. The colorful aesthetic also makes it more engaging for younger students to be able to differentiate between the various functions of the blocks and learn exactly how the code is grouped and used.

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Learn JavaScript through a Mini Game

Once students have become experienced and feel confident in their Blockly coding skills, they can move onto another useful feature that LearnToMod has. The JavaScript Mini Game helps assist students to transition from Blockly coding to Javascript coding smoothly. This feature allows students to apply the simplified concepts that they learned to more advanced coding that can be used to create more than just Minecraft mods.

You can find this feature under the “Learn” tab in “Do Badges.” In the Mini-Game, students can learn to move drones, call functions, write loops, and more use JavaScript.

LearnToMod’s unique method of teaching computer science through Blockly coding provides students with a chance to approach an initially intimidating concept in an easier way. It helps provide a more visual representation of programming concepts and walks students through the different steps needed to perfect their skills in coding.

Blockly emphasizes the importance of understanding the logical concepts of how coding works first without stressing the need to learn the complex ideas of memorizing how to call the necessary functions and perfecting the syntax simultaneously. Blockly is a great way for students to take the first step into the world of coding and learn about all of the amazing things that they can build on it!

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