Awesome Rick and Morty’s Space Cruiser Mod

The newest mod edition straight from MCPE is the new Rick and Morty Space cruiser mod! Enjoy!

Making of the Rick and Morty Space Cruiser Mod

BlockBench – Rick and Morty’s Space Cruiser

How to use the cruiser

Rick and Morty space cruiser


  • You can spawn a car with creative mode.
  • Also, You can ride that when you start. (See How to use… video)
  • Equip the key (saddle) in the car
  • Car Inventory available when you put the chest on.
  • The car has an always-on headlight when you startup.
  • Support Car steering wheel animations.
  • summon : car:ram


  • Tame the car using coal or charcoal
  • Put a chest
  • Equip the key (saddle) in the car
And turn on Experimental Gameplay if it’s still doesn’t work in world settings.
awesome rick and morty’s space cruiser mod
Image courtesy : MCPE


Recommended for Windows 10. However, if your phone has an iOS13 or higher iPhone, or a good device that can run Android 9, it’s fine.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.15 (beta)